Acadiana's Local Hero Finalists Have Been Chosen!
Please review the finalists below and vote for your local hero.
One deserving person or non-profit organization will be awarded $3000 from Giles Automotive for their hard work and for giving of themselves to the community.

The deserving person or organization that is selected by the community each month will be announced on KLFY TV10 at the end of each month.

Finalists were chosen from nominations submitted to Giles Nissan and TV10.
The three finalists below have been selected based on what that person has done in the community to give back to others.

Please take a moment to review our 3 finalists below and cast your vote for one of them.
We would ask you to please take your time and read every nominee's essay(s) that were submitted about the person before making your final decision.

Please Note:  Only one vote is allowed per person.
Any votes made by the same person using a different email address will not be counted.

Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Bernadette Castille

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
Bernadette Joseph Castille is a resident of Lafayette, LA.rnShe was a medical nurse for 20 years.The mother of three amazing children, A happily married wife that was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2014. And it is because of her diagnosis she started the Bernadette Castille Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation to advocate and educate society on the dangers of ovarian cancer. Through the Bernadette Castille Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation, offers a diverse range of services to people who have been affected with Ovarian Cancer.Bernadette is dedicated to this cause to finding a cure for ovarian cancer and for this cause I think she is an Acadiana Hero.rnrnrnrn​

Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Lydia Fontenot

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
Lydia is a dedicated volunteer at Acadiana Animal Aid and has been for 20 years. She has facilitated the growth of this organization and plays an integral role in our lifesaving efforts. When AAA was primarily ran by volunteers years ago, she worked multiple days a week and rotated the weekend night shifts with other volunteers. Now, she volunteers two full days a week and focuses on our dogs that need the most socialization, enrichment, and spends time reminding each dog that enters our rescue that humans can be good and builds relationships based on trust. Many of the dogs that come to AAA come with unknown histories, sometimes we know little bits of what they went through and often times they need to recover from medical obstacles and overcome fears that other humans created in them. Lydia is patient and has a special way in working with the animals; she can build relationships with any dog that enters AAA- no matter what they went through in the past. Lydia works just as hard as any of the staff- going above and beyond in cleaning the facilities, keeping their areas clean and fulfilled with fun enrichment, grooming and bathing the dogs, helping us to train new volunteers and new staff, even coming in every holiday to provide extra help for our caregivers so they can get home earlier and spend time with their families- she also believes that the dogs should enjoy the holidays just as much and brings them special treats! Lydia has a way to inspire everyone around her and is observant when staff members might be getting tired and finds ways to pick them up in reminding them why we are all here- to save the homeless animals of Acadiana and encourages them to take one of their favorite dogs for a walk to get a break. Lydia is a hero for hundreds of dogs and cats that have crossed her path both within and outside AAA. But not only is she a hero to the rescued animals, she is a hero to everyone she encounters. She is a wise woman with a big heart who helps each of our staff members and volunteers grow both personally and professionally.

Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Cynthia Elmer

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
Cynthia Elmer's dedication and mission of bringing awareness to the community of suicide prevention. Her time, energy and hard work to this mission has produced much lasting fruit and probably saved lives. Cynthia lost her own son, Kevin, to suicide in 2004. With little support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide in the state, Cynthia began to travel a new road in her life as she shared her story and her loss. Cynthia and her husband have been married for 50 years. She is a retired Iberia Parish Family Support employee and a volunteer for CERT! (Community Emergency Reponse Volunteer). She also works with Community Mental Health Services.

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