Acadiana's Local Hero Finalists Have Been Chosen!
Please review the finalists below and vote for your local hero.
One deserving person or non-profit organization will be awarded $3000 from Giles Automotive for their hard work and for giving of themselves to the community.

The deserving person or organization that is selected by the community each month will be announced on KLFY TV10 at the end of each month.

Finalists were chosen from nominations submitted to Giles Nissan and TV10.
The three finalists below have been selected based on what that person has done in the community to give back to others.

Please take a moment to review our 3 finalists below and cast your vote for one of them.
We would ask you to please take your time and read every nominee's essay(s) that were submitted about the person before making your final decision.

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Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Rusty Noel

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
I've nominated Rusty Noel before, but what I believe I may have failed to convey is the passion within this man and the Lafayette Youth Football Team the SwampCats. He even has a SwampCat Logo tattooed on his leg, that's a huge display of his belief in an organization that benefits so many youth, as well as the community. Rusty is also a member of the Cajun Navy and was on the front lines giving a hand at rescue and supply distributions to those affected by the hurricane after effects in Texas and Louisiana.rnRusty has 'dad'ed' children that have lost a parent due to death as well as those that have an absent or disinterested parent. rnWhat is critical for me to convey to you is the story of one of the players named Stephen. Stephen is truly a child with a Michael Ohr personality. His mother never attends the practices or games. Economically I'm sure she is unable to pay the fees, but Rusty and the other parents have seen to it that Stephen has seen places with mountains and oceans. He's been to Disney World and places that exposes him to various demographics and cultures. A lot of travel ball requires Stephen to pack, have food money as well as lodging. Rusty keeps up with everything from his uniforms and shoes, to his travel clothing and expenses. Stephen has a true talent and gift and surrounded by the right people and influences, that we all as a SwampCat family PRAY Stephen will break the cycle from where he began. His support system is from the entire coaching and parenting team. He's picked up for each practice and game. Given snacks and meals and feels part of a family that he doesn't get in his conventional life. I cannot stress to you what a pleasant, polite child Stephen is. He is also an incredible player and team member. A lot of times the parents/Rusty buy this child cleats and uniforms, socks, underwear, and many of times those items NEVER make it back in his gym bag for future games. Rather than shame the player, Stephen has his things kept with Rusty and his family. Rusty has made promises to family's that have suffered a family member passing, by seeing to it that he support their child and see them on thru to college and has kept that promise time and time again. I truly beg you to shadow Rusty, his blood and SwampCat Family to get a true sense of dedication and love.

Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Sally Ranton

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
Sally is a Social Worker with the Lafayette Regional Council on Aging/Beau Sejour Estates of Carencro. I was able to meet Sally thru a very random event that too place about four years ago and when she introduced herself, her heart and face registered the pride she took in her job and the love she had for each one of her 'children'. Quitting a six-figure income career in the banking industry, Sally felt lead to do work within the community that she loves so much and wanted to give back. But my most favorite about Sally is that each Christmas they have a party where residents receive a wrapped shoe box filled with items donated from anonymous people throughout the area. The items range from but not limited to, socks and handkerchiefs for the men and lotions and puzzle books for the ladies. Sadly there may not be enough donations for all of the residents and many times, out of Sally's own pocket and the generosity of the other staff, they make sure everyone gets a holiday blessing. Sally then takes the time to create a video to share via social media of the faces while opening their gifts of unconditional love. Sally practices a judgment free zone type thinking and is a great example of how we should all stop and realize there are plenty of reasons to do good things without the expectation of a reward. Keeping the residents active and involved, feeling loved and a loving touch is never in short supply. Her smile is contagious, her aura is welcoming and reassuring. Visiting their website, you can see the interactions that take place. The money, should this person and her non profit organization would be used to do so many wonderful things for people that may have lost their way at some time in their life. The money would be used toward giving people hope. I could go on and on, but my prayer and hope is that you will consider Sally's nomination and once you meet her, and find her to be as interesting and warm as I do, you too will want to shine a light on the human being and her love of the elderly and the community for which we all exist in. When you meet someone who not only listens but also hears, you feel inspired to want to be a part of that energy. You will love Sally as much as those residents and I do, and hopefully will be lead to be an active part in making this world a better place.

Acadiana Hero Finalist photo

Hero Name: Angela Leblanc

Why this finalist deserves the title "Acadiana Hero"? 
She has done many different volunteer programs in our town. She is currently the president of a ladies organization named The LasDames De Gueydan. As the president she has organized a effort recognizing the month of April as child abuse awareness month. She also for Memorial Day , ordered and led other ladies in putting out flags at verterens graves.rnShe is also the librarian in town and has helped make the library a place where kids have enjoyed to come to during her 17 years there. This year as a part of the summer reading program, she has started a effort to have participating children began a Pay It Forward program. The kids are asked to do three nice things for anyone they shall meet or a family member. Once done they are asked to tell who ever they helped to also pay it forward.rn She is always willing and ready to help make the community a better place to live ... that has always been on the top of her list. She heads the Halloween in the park.

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