One Hero Will Be Awarded Acadiana Hero Of The Year
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Acadiana's Local Hero for January 2014
Joe Hebert
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Hero Name: Joe Hebert

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
My father (now 77) is an amazingly gifted and generous man. For 55 years he 's been whole heartedly donating his time to providing musician and entertainment for all local nursing homes. Being a musician and a Christian man all his life this is how he gives back. By puting life and giving the elderly fun and happiness through his music. His talent and amazing good spirit is a must see how the elderly look forward to seeing him play. They alway come alive and dance some even attempt to sing, they really get taken back to what would be there good ole days I think. I would love to visit or be interviewed about my father. He is a hero to our family and our community. Sending this via my phone so please excuse any errors

How Joe's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
Through entertaining the elderly my father has touched 10's of thousands of people in this community. Since he was 20 years old he has been blessing them with music and dance. It like his and there own personal dance hall. They live him so much they beg him not to quite and keep playing each place. Pretty cute and sad at the same time. Mr Joe Hebert is so deserving of this nomination. Truly a special soul.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Joe's cause.  
Not real sure having his service for what he does being recognized would be the such an amazing thing. Everything he does is unselfish, he is the most humble gentle person I know

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