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Acadiana's Local Hero for December 2015 - Ryane Broussard
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Hero Name: Ryane Broussard

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
Ryane has always represented a charity or cause that she is passionate about. Since an early age she has had a passion for those less fortunate and those who have a disability and helping them overcome adversity. She has served overseas at many different orphanages multiple times, run local non-profits, help grow local non-profits, fundraised and planned events for organizations both at the national level and local levels, raised funds for and competed in 7 marathons, 4 MS150 rides, 100 mile races, served on numerous boards and completed hundreds of hours of volunteerism. Her most recent accomplishment is helping to bring Ainsley's Angels to South Central Louisiana, more specifically, Lafayette and its surrounding areas. The mission of Ainsley's Angels is in addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included. As an athlete, Ryane has always strived to "compete for a reason" and with Ainsley's Angels she has been able to give these people with disabilities the ability through her ability.

How Ryane's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
Since 2008, Ryane has raised just over $500,000 for various organizations both national and local. These organizations have been those close to her heart and fueled by a passion for each. They range in missions varying from grief support groups for children, financially helping those who have lost a child, Autism research, MS research and mostly those organizations for adults and children with various types of disabilities. She inspires others daily through her love and ability to serve others.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Ryane's cause.  
Along with awareness of Ainsley's Angels as an organization, awareness of the local chapter, the money granted would provide the ability to purchase one of the following for their local chapter-Freedom Push Chair by Advanced Mobility, Team Hoyt Blade, or Axiom Racer Conversion by Adaptive Star-all special chairs in order for athletes to push those with include them in everyday racing ability.

Please share Ryane's great work with all of your friends and donate to her organization by clicking on the links below.

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