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Acadiana's Local Hero for November 2015 - Carol Trosclair
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Hero Name: Carol Trosclair

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
It is said that one can easily judge the character of a person by what they do for others ho can do nothing for them. This summarizes my candidate Carol Trosclair greatly. She is the most selfless person I have ever come in contact with in my life. As a professor at UL School of Kinesiology, I have crossed paths with many students. One in particular was Ms. Carol's son David. A 3.9 GPA student with a realistic goal of becoming a physical therapist. Helping others was his ambition. This trait was demonstrated many occasions as he was the most active volunteer in our Kinesiology majors club (KPA). When David passed away I requested a scholarship be started in his name to keep his memory and legacy alive in our future generations of students. Though he wasn't able to fulfill his ambition, others sharing similar traits would be assisted in fulfilling theirs, and in such his as well. Carol Trosclair (his Mother) has made it her personal mission to help as many students as possible in reaching their dreams. She has been solely responsible for over $150,000 brought into the UL Foundation for scholarships in David's name. Eleven students a year receive $20,000 in scholarships because of Ms. Carol. And a little bit of David lives in each recipient. This would be more than enough for most, however it is not enough for Ms. Carol. She years to help as many students as she can. She partnered with Todd's Car Wash, Travel Machine, and Indulge for a yearly fundraiser for the active members of the student club (David's Club). She sells tickets with passion and with a fierce purpose. In just 2 years, over 50 deserving students have received various levels of support through her individual efforts. She knows that students need additional funds to attend conferences, conventions, obtain certifications, and apply to graduate schools. Who else if not here would have the confidence and selflessness to invest in these kids so they may have a greater chance of being productive members of society? Carol is setting an example for the entire community of Acadiana to emulate. I know first hand of countless other people and causes she has given to behind the scenes while adding "Please don't tell them I am doing this for them." To Carol Trosclair, it is not about being recognized as much as it is doing what her heart and God drives her to do....for others.

How Carol's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
Carol Trosclair is a breath of fresh air for all to inhale. She glows with encouragement, hope, and love. She puts the financial needs of others above her own. She will go without so that others can go with. I have personally witnessed her love to her fellow man for the past 4 years. It is something amazing, unique, and rare. I think she is a great example that will inspire others to do similar. She has made me a better person, father, and professor. I love Ms. Carol and love what she stands for.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Carol's cause.  
Ms. Carol will be thrilled with being recognized as an Acadiana Hero not for the personal accolades, but rather the economic impact the award will bring to her cause. There is 100% chance that Carol will donate the honorarium to the scholarships that she created to the deserving students of her late son David's Kinesiology majors club. She will also really appreciate the impact of the awareness of her cause.

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