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Acadiana's Local Hero for September 2015 - Crystal Lanclos
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Hero Name: Crystal Lanclos

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
I am Vanessa Linkhart, Special Olympics volunteer and mother of another athlete. Ed has asked me to help him with this nomination. "Coach Crystal is the sweetest person you will know and without her I would be lost. She is my VIP. When I am down she knows how to put a smile on my face. When she became our coach it was a blessing from up above. No matter what color you are she will treat you all the same. I wish everyone was like her. No matter what is going on in your life she will try to help you out, no matter if you are rich or poor. She knows what is best for us. If I have a problem and I need advice she always helps me. Her passion is working with special needs people. And she wants the world to know about special needs people."

How Crystal's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
"Even though my coach is a single mom and works she still finds time to devote to special needs people. She helps us all smile and feel like we are all one big family. I am so glad she became our coach. She will always be my hero, my lifesaver. She helps me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to."

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Crystal's cause.  
"She would probably help all the athletes with whatever they need, like uniforms or equipment."

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