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Acadiana's Local Hero for June 2015 - Lori McGrew
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Hero Name: Lori McGrew

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
Lori and husband Travis, found out halfway into the pregnancy of their first child that she had Trisomy 18, a chromosomal disease that is not compatible with life. Lori carried Maddie full term and delivered her still, she had died during labor. Lori and Travis were then faced with funeral arrangements for Maddie which also came with a large bill. Fortunately they had generous family and friends to help, but this is what gave Lori the idea, and Maddie's Footprints was created! Maddie's Footprints provides financial support to help cover burial and funeral expenses for families who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. In the 5 years of exaiatence, Maddie's has helped 520 families to date and paid $271,000 of burial and funeral expenses, within 10 parishes of Acadiana. Lori started Maddie's Footprints to honor her daughter, however she has done so much more by helping so many in our community!

How Lori's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
The impact Lori has made is huge. She has given bereaved families hope, helped bring the topic of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death out of silence. Through financially assisting families, she has given them the opportunity to appropriately grieve and not have to worry about an unexpected financial burden in addition to losing a child. Through Maddies Footprints, Footprints Forever 5k and walk, Lori has created an outlet for gieving families to honor their babies and keep their memories alive.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Lori's cause.  
The title will help further awareness In the community. The funds along with title can help anywhere from 3- 6 families or provide 100 care packages to bereaved mothers.

Please share Lori's great work with all of your friends and donate to her organization by clicking on the links below.

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