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Acadiana's Local Hero for March 2014 - Tim Marks
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Hero Name: Tim Marks

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
I would like to nominate Tim Marks for Acadiana’s local hero. I feel that Tim is deserving of this title because of the contributions he makes to the Opelousas community. Tim has been leading the Gumbo Cook-Off at Frank’s in downtown Opelousas for the past seven years now. He also organizes several other benefits in our community such as The Wildgame Cook-Offs, Rock the Block, Perfectly Seasoned Cook-Off, and several other benefits. When Tim is not organizing benefits he is participating as an armature chef or a DJ. Tim currently is a board and serves an active role for the St. Landry/ Evangeline Parish Sexual Assault Center, Opelousas Main Street through Louisiana Main to Main, St. Landry/ Evangeline United Way (past president), and Warriors for Christ Christian Academy. Tim is also a registered nurse, which contributes to his love of helping others. Tim has also held previous seats on the board of the Opelousas St. Landry Chamber of Commerce and the New Life Center. Tim has a huge heart and is always willing to lend his time or service to anyone. I have had the experience of witnessing this when Tim’s aunt was losing the building her school was house in while she was at St. Jude’s with a sick child. Tim went out of his way to purchase the building so that his aunt could continue to live out her dreaming of having her own school based on a solid Christian foundation. Tim also organized a benefit for his aunt’s child while he was battle cancer. This is just one example of the extraordinary benefits Tim has provided to our community. Anytime Tim sees that there is a family that is in need he goes above and beyond to try to do all that he can to help them. There has been a couple of times when Tim has seen that someone was struggling with major medical issues and were in need of assistance to help defray medical cost. At the time there were not any available benefits, so he found a place and made a benefit for them. Some of those benefits inspired so many people that they decided to make it a yearly event to help others in need. After working closely with Tim during many of these benefits I discovered that one of Tim’s dreams is to be able to open his own nonprofit foundations. Each beneficiary for the benefits that Tim organizes has to go out and make their own nonprofit foundation which becomes very costly to these families already in need. Tim feels that if he could find a way to get the funds to open one and not have to retain funds from a beneficiary then this could help the families in the future from having to pay for this. I believe that if Tim is selected as Acadiana’s Local Hero this would provide him with the funds needed to make his dream become a reality and benefit so many people.

How Tim's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
Tim has inspired others to become more active in our community. He also has inspired others to become more aware and informed about what is happening in our community. Tim has impacted countless families by providing them funds to defray medical cost and allowing them to see how many people care. This allowed them to find hope when they thought there was none. In doing this Tim has made others become just as passionate about becoming involved in others as much as he has.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Tim's cause.  
I believe that if Tim was recognized as an Acadiana Hero that people would become more aware of the services that he has provided our community and how much of an impact that helping can have on others. I also believe that this would give Tim the funds that he needs to open his own nonprofit organization to continue to help others in need.

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