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Acadiana's Local Hero for December 2017 - Rusty Noel
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Hero Name: Rusty Noel

About our Acadiana Local Hero!

Why this finalist was deserving of Acadian's Local Hero.  
I've nominated Rusty Noel before, but what I believe I may have failed to convey is the passion within this man and the Lafayette Youth Football Team the SwampCats. He even has a SwampCat Logo tattooed on his leg, that's a huge display of his belief in an organization that benefits so many youth, as well as the community. Rusty is also a member of the Cajun Navy and was on the front lines giving a hand at rescue and supply distributions to those affected by the hurricane after effects in Texas and Louisiana.rnRusty has 'dad'ed' children that have lost a parent due to death as well as those that have an absent or disinterested parent. rnWhat is critical for me to convey to you is the story of one of the players named Stephen. Stephen is truly a child with a Michael Ohr personality. His mother never attends the practices or games. Economically I'm sure she is unable to pay the fees, but Rusty and the other parents have seen to it that Stephen has seen places with mountains and oceans. He's been to Disney World and places that exposes him to various demographics and cultures. A lot of travel ball requires Stephen to pack, have food money as well as lodging. Rusty keeps up with everything from his uniforms and shoes, to his travel clothing and expenses. Stephen has a true talent and gift and surrounded by the right people and influences, that we all as a SwampCat family PRAY Stephen will break the cycle from where he began. His support system is from the entire coaching and parenting team. He's picked up for each practice and game. Given snacks and meals and feels part of a family that he doesn't get in his conventional life. I cannot stress to you what a pleasant, polite child Stephen is. He is also an incredible player and team member. A lot of times the parents/Rusty buy this child cleats and uniforms, socks, underwear, and many of times those items NEVER make it back in his gym bag for future games. Rather than shame the player, Stephen has his things kept with Rusty and his family. Rusty has made promises to family's that have suffered a family member passing, by seeing to it that he support their child and see them on thru to college and has kept that promise time and time again. I truly beg you to shadow Rusty, his blood and SwampCat Family to get a true sense of dedication and love.

How Rusty's efforts have made a difference in the community for the better.  
Rusty goes off the field of coaching and works with the youth one on one in the community, and stirs up an inner desire to selflessly assist those that are in need by helping with hurricane and flood victims. He teaches and leads by example in developing and relying on Faith, no matter what the Faith, to pull on that resource no matter if its time of sadness or celebration.

How becoming Acadiana's Local Hero will further Rusty's cause.  
The SwampCat organization recruits players in common places such as WalMart and SuperOne. Every child that shows an interest in the team is encouraged to visit the practices and games. The money will be put toward equipment and supplies that were stolen when they went to travel ball in San Bernadino CA, expenses created by children that want to play but don't have the money for the fees, and to put out to the community the team is more than football but a source of stability and inclusion in family outside the ties of blood.

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