One deserving person each month will be chosen a local hero and earn the title of "Acadiana's Local Hero"
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2014 Hero Of The Year Winner

Why Bonnie Hession Was Voted As Our Current Acadiana Hero: She spreads hope, comfort, strength and joy to people who need it. She truly makes a difference in the lives of those she touches...and she just keeps on touching lives.


About our Acadiana Local Hero!  
Bonnie Hession started a movement. It's called Keep the Faith. She finds people who need prayer or help and then Bonnie goes to them and offers a Keep the Faith token, but more than that she...
Read more about BonnieHession and see how you can help her organization with a donation by clicking the link below. Also it would be great if you could share her great work with all of your friends.

Last Month's Acadiana Hero Finalists
Acadiana's Local Hero Finalist

Hero Name:
Becky Prejean

Acadiana's Local Hero Finalist

Hero Name:
Brenda Andrus

Acadiana's Local Hero Finalist

Hero Name:
Don Mitchell

At the end of each year and once all heroes for the year have been chosen, the community will be able to vote for the next hero of the year. Your hero could be next.

2015 Hero Of The Year
Your Hero could be the next hero of the year!

Hero Name: John or Jane Smith

Submitted Information: The great things I have done for my community are...

Why I was Chosen: I was chosen as an Acadiana hero because...
Acadiana's Local Hero Rules and Restrictions may be viewed here.
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